• Limited Editing
  • Book Cover layout
  • Registration with Library of Congress
  • Book Formatting
  • Upload into KDP
  • Basic Website Design
  • Image of frontal book cover for marketing
  • Kindle E-formatting
  • Consulting through the process
  • ADDITIONAL FEES (Copyright registration, if a book cover designer is needed, etc)

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>You agree to hold harmless, Robert L. Watts, Jr. of any liabilities resulting from the publication of this book or consulting services. You are responsible to ensure that all materials provided is your original material and/or properly referenced and no plagiarism is used in your project and/or that your business affairs are in order and fully responsible for all legalities and financials.

>You agree to pay all required fees requested for the services provided. Robert L. Watts, Jr. is not a publishing company, a legal company, or an accounting company, but is a consultation and here to assist our clients with the steps necessary to assist in achieving your complete. The primary platform used by Robert L. Watts, Jr. for publishing is through KDP Amazon, but is not limited to their platform only. Please be advised that an active email, your complete address or business address, SSN/Tax ID, and personal or business account information is needed to set up KDP account for their purpose of any royalty payments of books purchased through Amazon. No further services will be provided unless listed in an agreement between you (client) and Robert L. Watts, Jr. and/or an authorized agent.